Application Development

We help companies accelerate R&D projects, manage risk and reduce costs when working with 2D Advanced Materials.


The 2D Advanced Materials Application Design Center (the 2D Center) is a global network of experts and institutions working with 2D Advanced Materials across more than 45 industry vertical markets. As an initiative of The Graphene Council and the MXene Association, the 2D Center provides access to the largest community in the world of 2D materials experts with more than 30,000 advanced materials professionals and researchers.

The 2D Center is designed to help organizations exploit the power of advanced materials through an accelerated research and development process that is focused on application development.

Because we are completely neutral and independent, we are free to work with any institution, material producer and experts that best fit your particular project or customer requirements. We are uniquely positioned to pull together not just researchers and application developers, but we can help identify qualified supply-chain partners that are able to scale as you move from R&D to full scale production.

What We Do

Our experts will work with your team to fully understand what you are trying to achieve through the intelligent use of 2D advanced materials, including graphene, MXenes, hBN, MoS2, TMDC’s or any other relevant 2D materials that can convey exceptional properties for your target application.

We will then leverage our global community of experts to assess and assemble the best resources available to identify the right material and facilities to create prototypes and product testing protocols.

It is important to note that we do not participate in IP ownership, we remain completely neutral throughout the process and all work is conducted under NDA’s.

All IP created through our R&D projects belongs to the project participants as they see fit to agree between themselves.

Whether you are trying to improve an existing material or product, or you want to create a new offering using advanced materials, we can help you to shorten your R&D timeline, reduce development project risk and better control costs.

We follow a well proven process to manage your application development process.

2D Advanced Materials Application Design Center Process Steps

  • Define technical / engineering objectives
  • Determine feasibility
  • Set project deliverables, timelines and budgets
  • Identify existing technology and/or research
  • Analyze IP gaps or opportunities
  • Review non-published intelligence
  • Define expected key performance characteristics
  • Scan commercially available 2D advanced materials
  • Select most suitable material candidates for testing
  • Create appropriate testing protocols
  • Select qualified testing partners / facilities
  • Conduct initial proof of concept tests
  • Scale processing to pilot development scale
  • Trial application with beta customers
  • Conduct expert peer review evaluation
  • Identify candidate supply chain partners
  • Verify supplier quality / capacity / regulatory approvals
  • Obtain supply bids and proposals
  • Analyze business model options
  • Test business model assumptions
  • Select ‘go to market’ business model option
  • Assemble market development team
  • Qualify prospects and markets
  • Launch advanced material application

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